Multi-site access control for enhanced business security

Mar 29, 2024 | Access control

Contrôle d'accès multisites

In an increasingly connected and mobile world, securing access to buildings and private spaces has become a major concern for businesses. Implementing a multi-site professional access control system allows for efficient management of employee and visitor entries and exits while ensuring 100% security of premises, whether they are offices, warehouses, or factories.

Why opting for a multi-site access control system?

Centralized access management for multiple sites

A multi-site access control system offers the ability to manage entry and exit permissions for multiple geographically distinct sites, from a single server with a user database. This represents a considerable time savings for access management teams as well as logistical simplification, with better cost control and reduced risks of intrusion or misuse.

Compatibility with different types of badges and devices

To best meet the needs and constraints of each user, especially in the context of multi-sites, access control can be dematerialized through smartphones, proximity cards, extracts, Wiegand badges, and other electromagnetic or electronic locking devices. This multimodal solution allows for smooth flow management while addressing various security and technical imperatives.

How does access control system work for multi-sites?

The principle of multi-site access control relies on centralizing various data related to users, the sites concerned, and access permissions. The role of the server is to ensure communication between the management software and local processing units that enable the opening/closing of entries and exits.

User database

Information about personnel and visitors is stored in a user database. This database contains all the necessary information to manage access (name, first name, badge number, photo, contact information, etc.). Thus, each time an access request is made by a user, the server verifies its compliance with pre-recorded patterns in the database before giving approval.

Access management software

At the heart of the multi-site access control system, the management software centralizes and processes the various access authorization requests issued by badge readers and surveillance devices. It can be a local software or hosted in the cloud, depending on the needs and constraints of each site.

Integration with other security devices

In the context of overall site security, access control for multi-sites can easily integrate with other equipment such as intrusion alarm systems, video surveillance devices, or key and badge management plans. This multi-tenant approach provides better protection for people and property while facilitating coordination between different security teams.

Towards cloud-based access control for businesses

Given the rapid evolution of digital technologies and the Internet of Things, an increasing number of security professionals and private owners are turning to cloud-based access control. This type of solution offers undeniable advantages:

  • Flexibility: with data storage in the cloud, it is possible to reach access management information at any time without relying on local hardware.
  • Economies of scale: cloud-based access control allows for the pooling of infrastructure and maintenance costs, resulting in substantial savings for multi-site businesses.
  • Automatic updates: software hosted in the cloud generally receives periodic updates, providing a guarantee of optimal performance and security.
  • Efficiency: the ability to quickly and easily access information from anywhere, at any time, offers better responsiveness in case of incidents or exceptional requests.

In conclusion:

Access control for multi-sites represents an effective solution for enhancing the security of businesses and individuals, whether they are offices, warehouses, or simply shops. Professional multi-site access control systems are a suitable response for SMEs and large corporations, ensuring a high level of protection and service for their employees and customers.

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