Deploy cloud access control to better manage your office security

Cloud access control offers enhanced security through centralized management of all your sites. Its flexibility ensures that IT and operational teams can deploy it quickly and efficiently for every new location. Cloud access control can help reduce the managing cost of your security infrastructure. It eliminates the need to invest in systems with local servers, and all the costs inherent in maintaining and securing these devices on every site.​

Connecting a cloud video surveillance system to your access control system will save you time and unify your security onto a single platform.

How can you secure your offices with the cloud?

Like the offices of any small business, the security of your head office and its subsidiaries is important. Start by defining your needs and your level of risk. Each area has its own number of doors to control, to either filter or lock access. Every locking and identification element of an access control system needs to be in place.

Once you’ve ran a thorough analyze of secured access points by badge, you need to consider the most optimum way of managing your various sites. Cloud access control offers many technical solutions to simplify day-to-day operations and save a lot of time.

What are the advantages of cloud access control?

  • Centralized management: you can manage all the rights and privileges of all your users at all sites from a single interface via a unified database.​
  • ​Easy integration: connect your corporate identity managers to automate the creation of new employees in your cloud access control software.​
  • ​Audit and compliance: Cloud access control offers advanced monitoring and auditing capabilities, enabling you to monitor user activities, identify potential security breaches and ensure compliance with current regulations.​
  • ​Scalability: Cloud solutions are designed to adapt to ever evolving IT environments. They can efficiently manage large numbers of users, resources and access requests, making them ideally suited to the needs of growing businesses.​
  • ​Optimize deployments: with a unified cloud-based solution, launching a new site is faster and easier.

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The future of smart offices

Creating a sufficient level of security while maximizing the experience of your employees and customers is essential to creating the new offices of tomorrow. Commercial real estate benefits from feedback from cloud security systems connected to other smart building solutions. ​

The smart functions of cloud access control make it possible to:​


  • Create frictionless movement flows, from the bike park to the upper floors, with a smartphone badge for everyone.​
  • Welcome and manage visitors by automating, securing and creating an optimal experience.​
  • Monitor office occupancy levels for the health and safety of employees, but also to obtain more data on your premises.​
  • Meet your cybersecurity needs with a cloud-based solution that’s always up-to-date and audited, so you don’t have to manage obsolete servers on all your sites.​

Smartphone badge automation

Thanks to integrations already developed by cloud access control developers, you can automate the creation and deletion of your users. Each new user can be assigned a smartphone badge.

In this way, a new employee can be fully registered and gain access to the premises even before arriving on site. This reduces waiting times at reception, and gives your colleagues more time to accompany the new employee, rather than dealing with administrative tasks.​

Replace your keys and badges with your smartphones. Mobile badges offer a host of possibilities for your tenants, employees, visitors, etc.
Available on iOS and Android, these badges can work with Bluetooth low energy, NFC, wifi or 4G, depending on your needs.

Enhanced access management

This modern protection system lets you regulate access rights to the entire structure or to specific rooms within the building. Quickly and easily define your access groups according to specific time schedules.

An easy-to-use web interface lets you manage access rights to the various doors in your buildings.

Numerous possibilities with the cloud

Using cloud-based access control to manage your buildings offers many advantages over a more traditional system.

Web and smartphone access

Manage your access control remotely from a web interface and your smartphone application. No need to install any software on your PC and ask IT to come and fix it for every single glitch.

Cyber security

Connected hardware is always up to date, and you no longer have to maintain old local servers. Data is encrypted and duplicated across multiple data centers. Certifications and audits help verify the quality of this cybersecurity.

Open API

Numerous integrations have already been developed, enabling you to quickly create a tailor-made solution. A well-documented open API is available for new developments to automate your processes.

Simple, efficient and connected, ​
switch to cloud access control​

Combining access control and cloud video surveillance

Using the APIs of our cloud video surveillance systems, you can connect your cameras to your access control system. So, as soon as someone passes their badge in front of a reader, the camera filming the door in question will record a short sequence showing the person. In the event of an investigation, you won’t have to waste time re-reading your video recordings on another piece of software to check whether the right person actually entered.​

Here are the advantages of integrating your video surveillance with your access control software:​

  • Time-saving
  • A single interface for both programs​
  • Reinforced safety​