Why choose cloud video surveillance?

Leverage video surveillance cloud platforms and artificial intelligence (AI) to radically enhance your CCTV cameras, turning them into an even more powerful tool. With video AI, the possibilities are endless for keeping your offices safe and bringing data to other marketing, operations, service teams… Safer, updated, serverless systems at every site. Thanks to cloud video surveillance, your teams will save time managing your security and deploying your sites.

Connecting a cloud access control system to your video surveillance system will save you time and unify your security on a single platform. Connect to a remote monitoring center to improve doubt detection.

How can the cloud improve your office security?

Optimizing your security means implementing systems that save you time and money. With cloud-based video surveillance systems you’ll also avoid high maintenance costs, thanks to installations regularly updated.

All security protocols are audited to ensure a level of cybersecurity superior to that of locally installed video surveillance recorders in your server rooms, which are not updated.

What are the main advantages of cloud-based video surveillance ?​

  • Centralized management: manage all your video surveillance sites from a single platform. Create users with their email address, then choose whether to give them full access or restrict their rights.​
  • Integration and data: connect your other SaaS solutions to optimize your system. Send camera data directly to your business softwares.​
  • Flexible storage: choose to store your videos in our suppliers’ data centers or locally, on your own premises. Your video management will always be simple and unified.​
  • Scalability: with cloud video surveillance, systems are regularly updated, so you can benefit from new functionalities even if your site is several years old.​
  • Optimize deployments: with a cloud solution, launching a new site, office or warehouse is simpler, faster and immediately secure.​

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Artificial intelligence for cloud-based video surveillance

IP cameras are becoming increasingly intelligent. CCTV installers can provide comprehensive solutions to meet their customers’ needs. Today, artificial intelligence in video surveillance is often integrated into large servers. Thanks to cloud video surveillance cameras, you can benefit from advanced analysis carried out directly on the camera processor or in the data centers where the video streams are stored. With the cloud, you no longer need to buy and maintain large servers to benefit from AI.
The smart functions of cloud video surveillance make it possible to:​


  • Quickly find key moments linked to specific actions​
  • Count the number of people in a space​
  • Perform intrusion detection with alert notifications and support your alarm system​
  • Read license plates to manage parking access or facilitate video searches
  • Create a map with the location of vehicles and people in real time

Simplifier le déploiement de la vidéosurveillance en entreprise

Simplifying the deployment of video surveillance in the workplace
Designed using the latest technologies, our high-definition, infrared, PTZ and motorized cameras, linked directly to the Cloud, guarantee optimum security and ease of installation and use! Discover the many advantages of next-generation videosurveillance and enter the world of VSaaS (Videosurveillance Software as a Service). Your multi-site corporate video surveillance becomes easily accessible from your smartphone, tablet or web browser.

To maximize data protection, video streams are encrypted from end to end.

Hosted, controlled and viewed online, videosurveillance as a service (VSaaS) lets you monitor your premises live, whenever you want.​

Opening up new possibilities with the cloud

Using cloud-based CCTV to manage your sites offers many advantages over a more traditional system.

Web and smartphone​ access

A web platform and your smartphone application to control all your cameras. No need to install software on your PC and ask your IT department to reinstall it every time you change your computer.

Cyber security

Always connected and up-to-date, you no longer have to maintain old local servers. Data is encrypted and duplicated across multiple data centers. Certifications and audits ensure the quality of your IT security.

Artificial intelligence

A host of intelligent functions to help you get the most out of your cameras. Compatible with all latest-generation professional IP cameras.

Optimize and secure your cameras with a cloud solution

Save time by integrating your cloud access control

Optimize your operations by connecting your cloud video surveillance system to your access control software, using the APIs and integrations already available. The video sequences linked to each swipe of a badge on your access control will be automatically recorded, saving you time during your investigations.​​


  • Get 100% out of your security software
  • A single web interface for both programs​
  • Easier administrator/operator management