Brivo France access control certified installer

Brivo cloud access control is the world’s leading solution. With over 20 years’ experience in access management software, Brivo decided early on to move towards a 100% cloud offering. STORI Protection has been a certified Brivo partner since 2017. We have installed their access control solution on many sites, offices, shops, head offices, etc.

We can discuss with your IT, AMO, security and general services teams, to show you all the benefits of switching your old system to a new cloud-based solution.

Connect an Eagle Eye Networks cloud video surveillance system to optimize the potential of your security software and save time when operating it.

What are the advantages of Brivo access control?

Brivo lets you manage all your users’ rights from a web and smartphone interface. Nothing could be simpler than creating a new employee remotely.

A colleague calls you to say he’s forgotten his badge! No problem, you can create a new badge from your smartphone in 2 clicks, or unlock the door remotely from your Android or iOS app.

Do your employees need access to several sites? Nothing could be simpler with our unified database in the cloud. A user leaves your company and you need to remove their access? In less than a minute, you’ve terminated their rights to all sites.

Be efficient and save time with cloud-based access control!

What are the features of Brivo cloud access control?

  • A single web and smartphone interface to manage all your sites.
  • Triple-technology badge readers: 125 Khz, 13.56Mhz and Bluetooth/NFC.
  • Triple-technology badge readers with keypad for access codes.
  • API integration with a wide range of software applications.
  • Smartphone badges from an app or your Apple wallet.
  • A wired and radio solution for hybrid installations.

I would like to reiterate my gratitude once again to Mr Rolland for his professionalism and his expertise in resolving the issue without causing any damage to our lovely “no-standard” door.

Christophe POTEL
IT Manager Europe

Who better to testify than our customers!

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The future of home working

With our new ways of working, having a remotely accessible access control solution has become a necessity. We are well aware that our customers, since the Covid-19 lock down period, have made remote connection one of the most important prerequisites for choosing their new access control solution.


What can I do remotely with a Brivo access control system?


  • Create and delete users, visitors, etc.
  • Open doors remotely after checking cloud cameras.
  • Track entry events and alerts, and obtain various reports.
  • Create and delete badges, codes and smartphone badges.

Automate your infrastructure

Our Brivo cloud access control benefits from an open, well-documented API. Some of our customers use integrations already created and maintained by our manufacturers, such as visitor management with Proxyclick and Envoy.

Other customers have taken the opportunity to create their own custom visitor management systems. For example:

When a calendar invitation is created via Gmail, a code is also sent. This code opens the front door. Above the reader on the front door, the screen can greet visitors using their name; they have been recognized thanks to the code used. The visitor can then enter the lobby, while the employee is notified on his Teams or Slack messaging system that their guest has entered the lobby.

More sophisticated access management

This modern protection system lets you regulate access rights to the entire structure or to specific rooms within the building. Quickly and easily define your access groups according to specific time schedules.

An easy-to-use web interface allows managing access rights to the various doors in your buildings.

Numerous possibilities with the cloud

Using cloud-based access control to manage your buildings offers many advantages over a more traditional system.

Web and smartphone access

Manage your access control remotely from a web interface and your smartphone application. No need to install any software on your PC and ask IT to come and fix it for every single glitch.

Cyber security

Connected hardware is always up to date, and you no longer have to maintain old local servers. Data is encrypted and duplicated across multiple data centers. Certifications and audits help verify the quality of this cybersecurity.

Open API

Numerous integrations have already been developed, enabling you to quickly create a tailor-made solution. A well-documented open API is available for new developments to automate your processes.

Simple, efficient and connected, ​
switch to cloud access control

Combining access control and cloud video surveillance

Using the APIs of our cloud-based CCTV systems, you can connect your cameras to your access control system. So, as soon as someone passes their badge in front of a reader, the camera filming the door in question will record a short sequence showing the person. In the event of an investigation, you won’t have to waste time re-reading your video recordings on another piece of software to check whether the right person actually entered.

Here are the advantages of integrating your video surveillance with your access control software.​

  • Time-saving​
  • A single interface for both programs​
  • Enhanced security​