Open APIs integrated with numerous platforms

STORI Protection’s cloud-based access control and video surveillance solutions can be connected to a wide range of software via API.

Create a tailored customer experience while increasing the overall level of security in your buildings.

Connect your identity management, visitor management and space management software in an instant… There are no limits to the creation of an ecosystem in which access control and cloud video surveillance are one of the building blocks of smart building

Automatic creation of users in access control from its identity manager.

Save time by connecting your identity manager to your cloud access control with ready-to-use and maintained connections.

Here are some of the integrations already available:​


  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory​
  • Google Workspace​
  • Okta
  • Workday

Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Automatically import, manage and synchronize all users​
  • Create user groups to easily control authorizations and automate access schedules.​
  • Automatically revoke access if a user is removed from a group​

Enhance your security with Single Sign On.​


  • Single sign-on (SSO) allows users to log in securely to the mobile access application with their Okta or Azure AD authentication, and they’ll have immediate access to access control administration.​
  • Eliminate cumbersome authentication emails and reduce the burden on IT departments.

Who better to testify than our customers?

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Improve your office visitor experience.

Optimize the work of your marketing, operations and security teams, making visitor management simple and efficient. Keep control of visitors’ movements within your company, while offering them maximum flexibility.

Here are some integrations already available:​


  • Proxyclick​
  • Envoy​
  • Savance​
  • iLobby​
  • Splan​
  • Sign in app​

Here are some examples of what you can do:​

  • Implement improved, fully customized registration processes for employees, visitors and contractors.​
  • Automatically synchronize access cards with access control software inputs.​
  • Real-time monitoring of visitor access data.​
  • Quickly generate a QR code that can be read by the badge reader.​

Automate access to your premises.

Access control is central to smart building, as it is to the management and user experience of a coworking space. Automate access for your employees and customers when they book on your website.

Here are some of the integrations already available: ​


  • Nexudus​
  • Coworks​
  • Sharry​
  • Office RND

Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Facilitate the entry and exit of members and tenants.​
  • Efficiently set up user and tenant entry times to develop your customer network.​
  • Optimize security procedures with automated access control management.​
  • Customize access authorizations according to membership plans.​
  • Remove access once the contract has expired.

Integrate camera feeds directly into your access control platform.

By connecting your video surveillance system to your cloud access control system, you can save your teams time. Video feeds linked to an event taking place on a controlled door will be recorded directly in your cloud access control software, so you can control everything from a single web interface.

Here are some of the integrations already available: ​


  • Milestones​
  • Exacq Vision​
  • Rhombus​
  • Cisco Meraki​
  • Turing

Here are some examples of what you can do:​

  • Link access activity to real-time video sequences. Store recordings automatically.​
  • Reduce incidents at key entry points.​
  • Unlock and lock entrances directly from your video surveillance platform. ​
  • Simplify training of new operators by giving them access to a single interface to manage video surveillance and access control.

Simple, efficient and connected, ​
switch to cloud access control​

Why use APIs in security?

APIs enable you to securely create a wide range of integrations between different security software packages. You’ll be able to adapt and develop tailor-made solutions that enable you to:​

  • Save time, either because you won’t have to duplicate tasks, or because you’ll find important information more quickly.​
  • Optimize the experience of your employees and visitors alike, turning your head office into a true user experience showroom. ​
  • Enhance your brand image with integrated solutions to make your company more desirable to candidates wishing to join you.​
  • ​STORI Protection can help you develop tailored solutions based on your access control and video surveillance systems.