Our mission

To be the trusted partner, providing the best service, with Cloud technologies, to secure businesses, especially multi-site companies!​

At STORI Protection, innovation is at the heart of our philosophy. We aim to provide you with tailor-made solutions, thanks to state-of-the-art connected systems. They enable us to diagnose and troubleshoot remotely, even before you contact us, making our responsiveness a real strength!

Our hiSTORI 

« Passionate about entrepreneurship, it was back in 2015 that I set myself the challenge of buying AVIC Protection. Initially a traditional installer, we started offering intelligent cloud-based systems, which was unheard of in France. Very quickly, we had prestigious customers placing their trust in us.

Today, our systems offer extensive connectivity, enabling us to manage multiple sites, even internationally. They also offer a degree of versatility, thanks to software that can be interconnected via APIs.

And of course, all this is made possible by our close-knit, attentive team, who know how to best advise you according to your needs and provide you with quality service. We pride ourselves on constantly evolving, while respecting our core values of respect, caring, excellence and innovation, which are an integral part of our DNA. »


Jocelyn Roger – CEO

Turn your building into a fortress!