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In recent years, video surveillance systems have become increasingly popular. From warehouses to shops and offices, cameras are everywhere. This security device is becoming increasingly widespread, and offers many advantages.​

Contact a STORI professional today to benefit from unrivalled know-how and experience. We can install and maintain your video surveillance systems.​

Optimize your site’s security with our reliable, scalable access control systems, coupled with our intruder alarm systems.

The benefits of a video surveillance
system for businesses

By opting for video surveillance with local or remote recording, you’ll be able to lift suspicions and provide evidence. New-generation video surveillance systems offer a wide range of options.

A strong dissuasive power

By installing video surveillance cameras, you send a strong signal to potential intruders that your site is under protection. This security feature discourages many malicious individuals.

Time saving

The smart functions of our CCTV systems give you direct access to the time and day of your choice. You can easily export the footage of your choice to a USB stick.

360° View

Placed in strategic locations, our IP video surveillance cameras provide a view to match every situation. Whether you need a very wide angle, a corridor view or a 360° view, anything is possible.

Motion detector

Our motion detector cameras automatically start recording in the event of unusual movement.

Legal evidence

In the event of a dispute, the images filmed by your surveillance cameras constitute formal proof of a suspect’s guilt.

High-definition video

STORI cameras offer excellent image definition, day and night. We adapt the number of pixels to each situation.

Start today with video

The current regulation

In France, legislation imposes a maximum retention period for video recordings of 30 days. Depending on the capacity of the hard drives in your recorders or servers, and the settings of your cameras, your videos may be kept for less than 30 days. Cloud solutions offer greater guarantees and flexibility for video storage.

When extracting videos, the decree of August 3, 2007, requires that face thumbnails be at least 90 x 60 pixels. For certain situations, a minimum frame rate of 12 frames per second is also recommended for recording video streams

    For your video surveillance installation, think cloud!

    STORI offers a range of solutions to suit your needs and budget. We offer IP dome or tube cameras with night vision up to 100 meters. Adopt our video surveillance cameras with remote recording on the Cloud and benefit from the many advantages offered by this ultra-modern security system such as:​

    • Guaranteed flexible video storage
    • Remote web and smartphone access
    • Cybersecurity and API integration


    Our cloud-based video surveillance solutions offer the best security against recorder theft, hard disk failure and hacking. Don’t hesitate to ask our specialists for advice.

    When you call on STORI, you’ll be taken care of from A to Z by a security expert​

    We’re here to listen to your needs and provide you with a tailor-made video surveillance system. ​

    To best meet your needs, we carry out an audit of the site to be secured, and then send you a custom offer.
    Installation is carried out by our qualified technicians, whose rigor and excellence are our watchwords. This means fewer breakdowns. In addition to cutting costs, you’ll save a lot of time. We maintain your video surveillance system to guarantee your peace of mind. And, of course, we’ll train your teams so that you can manage your company’s video surveillance independently.
    We can also offer you the services of a 24/7 remote surveillance operator.