Eagle Eye Networks France certified installer

Eagle Eye Networks is one of the pioneers of cloud-based video surveillance. With its open platform compatible with the majority of IP and analog cameras on the market, STORI Protection has been a certified partner in France since 2016. We equip both SMEs and large multi-site groups with this new video surveillance technology.

This cloud video surveillance system is natively integrated with Brivo cloud access control, for which STORI is also a certified partner in France.​

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A cloud-based video surveillance system for business?

With EAGLE EYE NETWORKS video surveillance, you can access your cameras from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

STORI PROTECTION installs EAGLE EYE NETWORKS equipment in France and abroad for customers who want a multi-site video surveillance system that’s easy to operate and boasts powerful technical resources.

View all your sites on a map. Click on the camera of your choice to see your video in real time. Assign access rights according to each level of responsibility.

View one or more sites from a single web interface, with no need for software installation or updates.

It’s simple, efficient and in the cloud.

What are the benefits of Eagle Eye Networks cloud video surveillance?

  • A web-based platform to manage all your IP cameras. We can take over an existing installation and replace your old CCTV recorder/server with a bridge that encrypts and sends your video streams to the cloud.​
  • EEN operates and maintains their own data centers around the world. They are therefore not dependent on the commercial conditions of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.
  • Videos storage locally on a CMVR or in the cloud via a bridge. You always benefit from the web platform for your company’s video surveillance.​
  • Artificial intelligence for real-time license plate, person and object recognition and video search.

The other showrooms in Europe have the same system, and we wanted all cameras to be centralized.

Sihame GRAVE
Showroom Manager Paris

Who better than our customers to testify?

If you have any questions about cloud video surveillance, contact our specialists.

Quickly adapt your video surveillance system

Eagle Eye Networks’ cloud video surveillance bridges enable you to manage the bandwidth available on site. So, whether your offices are equipped with fiber or a slower connection, we can adapt the bandwidth used by your video surveillance installations according to the time of day and the percentage available.

Whether you’re equipped with a high-definition IP camera or an analog camera, bridges and CMVR recover video streams to bring all your sites online very quickly.

The analytical functions of the Eagle Eye Networks platform are:

  • Line crossing​
  • Intrusion detection​
  • Raiding​
  • Object counting​

Maximize the use of your CCTV cameras

STORI Protection installs video surveillance cameras in your company that are compatible with the Eagle Eye Networks solution. As soon as the high-definition IP cameras are connected to the cloud, you’ll be able to use intelligent functions such as license plate reading.

Thanks to the open API platform, data from your cameras can be sent to your other business software.

By connecting your video surveillance cameras to a monitoring center, you can improve the speed and efficiency of alarm detection.

Video surveillance perfectly complements your intruder alarm in optimizing your company’s security.

Flexible to maximize your investment​

Deliver a truly professional cloud video surveillance solution built for a worldwide deployment.

Unlimited extension

A platform to view all your sites and manage the storage of each of your cameras, without having to maintain local servers. No matter how or when you grow, the cloud solution will always be with you.​

Existing cameras

Use your existing cameras to optimize your infrastructure investment while providing a higher level of cyber security. Video streams are encrypted, and you no longer need to open ports on your Internet network.

Adjustable to your bandwidth

Smart management of your Internet network makes Eagle Eye Networks the most adaptable cloud solution for bringing all your sites under a single video surveillance platform.

Bring all your sites together on a
single cloud platform​

Eagle Eye Networks + Brivo for a unified cloud solution​

Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo are part of the same group. They feature native integration between the two systems, allowing you to view your video surveillance cameras within your access control software.

Improving door access control with a badge is a first step, but sometimes you’ll need to verify the identity of the person who entered. Cloud video surveillance allows you to have a sequence recorded by the camera viewing the door directly linked to the event in question in your access control software.​

  • Operational integration available immediately
  • Pool your software on a single platform​
  • Optimization of your security processes​