STORI Protection expert in access control solutions and video surveillance solutions

Since 2016, our company has strategically decided to focus on cloud-based access control and video surveillance solutions. Today, the installation of cloud-based security systems accounts for 2/3 of our business.

So we’ve had to learn the ropes and experiment with sometimes unstable systems that were under development in the 2010s. Now these solutions are reliable and extremely robust, and we’ve installed them in head offices, shared office buildings, SMEs, very small businesses, industrial sites, warehouses, etc.

Efficiency, speed and reliability thanks to the cloud

STORI Protection was an early adopter of cloud-based video surveillance and access control solutions for businesses. The underlying idea was to be able to troubleshoot our customers more quickly and remotely.

Indeed, the time spent by technicians on the road was not useful to our customers. To improve this point, we certified ourselves on cloud access control and video surveillance solutions, so that we could solve 80% of problems remotely. If we can’t troubleshoot remotely, we’ve already eliminated many of the probable causes of the problem, which means we can be very efficient when we arrive at our customers’ sites.

We are proactive towards our customers, because we have better real-time visibility of how their installations are running. As a result, we can sometimes remotely repair certain faults eve before customers become aware.
Since 2016 we have improved: ​

  • Our after-sales service to be faster and more proactive.​
  • Our real-time knowledge of customer installations.​
  • Our expertise in cloud-connected security solutions.

What are the advantages of a cloud-based security system?​

A cloud-based access control and video surveillance system lets you optimize the management of your buildings, including:​

  • Access all your cameras and security doors from a web interface accessible anywhere, anytime.​
  • Improve the cyber security of your facilities with automatically updated hardware. Data centers and network infrastructures are audited annually.​
  • A unified database for all your sites across France, Europe and the world. The cloud saves time in management and user training.​
  • Speed up the deployment of future sites. The cloud enables you to optimize your operations and make future security installations linear in terms of cost.​

The best of cloud-based access control

All companies use access control systems to protect their buildings. Often, these security systems are on a local server, not updated in a technical room. With a cloud solution, you benefit from a system that’s connected in real time and updated automatically.

Use a web interface from anywhere to manage all your users on all your sites. You’ll save time compared to a traditional system, which requires you to connect to each site to remove a user from the local database.

Create and delete smartphone badges for your employees in just one click. You can also use the secure badges provided by STORI Protection, or retrieve those supplied by the security company managing the building’s common areas.

Connect your cloud access control to other software to enhance the visitor experience, and make your system more efficient by integrating video surveillance into your system

Intelligent video surveillance in the cloud

To better understand what’s happening in the event of an intrusion on your premises, a video surveillance system is a must. The advantage of a cloud-based solution is rapid access from anywhere. All important videos can be saved locally or in the cloud, depending on your bandwidth.

You can view all your cameras in real time from a smartphone application. Smart search and advanced analytics functions are available on the Android and iOS app. Receive notifications of alerts based on the emergencies you’ve defined.

Via a dashboard you can see if your cameras are online. The well-thought-out VMS cloud’s interface makes it easy to train new users. The VMS cloud solution lets you quickly share recorded videos with other managers, without having to download them to a hard disk or USB stick.

Cloud video surveillance manufacturers’ ongoing investment in artificial intelligence means that new features are added every year, bringing ever greater benefits to administrators.

Turn your building into a fortress!

Interconnecting security software via APIs

The advantage of installing cloud access control and video surveillance systems is their open API platform. These APIs enable each customer developping their own software integrations with their business solutions.

You can also optimize your operations by connecting your video surveillance and cloud access control systems via a single web interface. Your teams will save time, with all information in one place.

Numerous third-party software developments are already available to enhance your building’s safety, and the experience of your employees and visitors. These well-known software integrations require no technical development skills to use. They’re ready to use to help you get started quickly with these new cloud-based security solutions.