Professional wired and radio alarms for your security

Installing an alarm on your premises is an unbeatable solution to:​

  • Protect your staff ​
  • Protect your tangible and intangible assets

This highly deterrent security system alerts you in real time to any intrusion or aggression on your premises.

STORI offers wired and radio alarms to suit your needs. Our team of professionals will install and maintain your security system. Choosing STORI alarms means opting for peace of mind!

For enhanced security, choose our IP video surveillance cameras and access control solutions. ​

Intruder alarm: how does it work?

Depending on the area you wish to protect, the alarm system offers you several options. You can choose to:​

  • Secure the exterior of your building with a perimeter detection system.
  • Secure sensitive areas of your premises – doors, windows, etc. – with an anti-intrusion system that is triggered in the event of impact or glass breakage.​
  • Protect the interior of your premises with infrared and microwave motion detectors.​

Enhanced access management

This modern protection system allows you to regulate access rights to the entire structure or to specific rooms in the building.​ ​

Sirens and notifications

If an intruder enters one of these zones, the detectors transmit a signal to the alarm control unit, which triggers a siren to scare off the intruder and warn the neighbors. You immediately receive an alert notification on your control screen, smartphone or phone call. Other people can also be added to the list of contacts to be notified in the event of an alarm being triggered. Once you’ve been alerted, you can decide whether to initiate an intervention procedure on your premises.

Remote access

Our infrared motion detectors are equipped with discreet micro-cameras. This means you can access images of your site via a simple Internet connection and check the situation in real time. If the break-in is confirmed and the suspicion has been cleared, you can then call in the police to intervene on site. If you have a telesurveillance operator, he or she will also have access to these images, enabling more effective doubt removal.

Discreet alarm

It is also possible to install silent, anti-aggression alarms which, activated by the employee in distress, send an alert message to the alarm control centre. Using a remote control or a button placed under a desk, for example, it is possible to prevent an aggression by a simple touch. Once the alert is given, a siren goes off, just as it would in the event of an intrusion. Very simple to use, it provides optimum security for your employees.

Police liaison

Our alarm systems can be connected directly to the local police force following local agreement. To ensure a high level of security, we can connect your alarm to a 24/7 monitoring center. In the event of an alarm, the alarm will be verified, and a security guard can be dispatched to the site at the request of your alarm monitoring company, to verify the incident and take the necessary steps to restore the situation.

Turn your building into a fortress!

STORI’s professional connected alarms

When it comes to security and efficiency, wired and radio alarms are equally effective. They can be connected via the Internet or a SIM card, so you can control your alarm from your smartphone. ​

  • Trigger a powerful siren​
    In the event of a breach, the alarm sounds at maximum volume​
  • Send an alert in real time​
    Receive an alert directly on your phone
  • ​360 overview of your system​
    Visualize your system and its operation live​
  • ​Manage your options remotely​
    Control your entire system remotely, users, codes…


Our security professionals will guide you towards the solution best suited to your needs, and the most cost-effective for you. Rely on their experience and know-how.