Efficient access control to protect your premises

A good access control system will filter and lock the doors of your building, office or business. Because your safety and that of your employees is our primary concern, STORI offers you reliable, scalable and easily configurable access control systems.​ ​

For even greater protection, discover our wired or radio alarms and video surveillance systems. By using interoperable systems, you will save time and improve your security.

How to secure your doors?

The right solution for every door.

Finding and adapting the right electric locking element for your doors, to guarantee long-term operation with your access control system, requires know-how and experience.

First you need to ask yourself whether you need to lock your door or simply keep it closed.
This is the difference between filtering and locking a door.

For example, you’re going to screen who enters a manager’s office, whereas you’re going to lock the building’s front door every time a colleague passes through.

What are the different electrical door locking systems?

  • The 12 or 24 volt electric strike, breakaway or transmitted, which can also be adapted to fire doors.​
  • The 300kg or 500kg electromagnetic suction pad or band, always coming with a push button and a green manual release.​
  • The electromechanical or electromotive lock. Highly efficient, as it operates by breakaway or emission. It can be controlled on entry and exit. For example, it can be used to determine whether someone has used a key in the cylinder to bypass the access control system, etc.​
  • The moto bolt, which locks a door electrically, is very practical and fast when there’s a lot of traffic.​
  • Wicket doors, turnstiles and fast lanes are usually found at the entrances of large buildings, for single passage and anti-passback purposes.​

STORI Protection understood our specific needs and, above all, the constraints of the building. A responsive and expert team with whom we enjoyed working.

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Authentication by badge, code or smartphone

To control who enters your offices, you have several solutions with varying degrees of security. Our badge readers are triple technology!

The physical HID or Mifare Desfires badge is read by the badge reader. The system can read the badge number, also known as CSN, or we can encode the badges and write identification data onto their chips.

The code is often used to simplify group access to low-risk areas. It may also be necessary for highly secure areas, as a second authentication factor. In such cases, the user has to swipe the badge and then enter the code to enter the secure area.

The dematerialized smartphone badge is offered by STORI Protection on all its professional access control solutions. In 2 clicks, the system administrator can allocate a virtual badge to a user. These badges work on Android and iOS, with Bluetooth low energy, NFC, wifi and/or 4G. For added security, we can require the user to confirm the opening of the door, using biometric authentication on their smartphone.

Manage and streamline your access

Access management allows you to optimize the security of your site by controlling the entry and exit of your employees, visitors or suppliers.

It also saves you money on key management, the risk of loss, and the creation of ill-intentioned duplicates.

STORI offers you complete access control systems including​:

  • Management software for local and remote access authorizations
  • ID readers, badges, codes, smartphone badges
  • Identification terminals, badge readers, biometric readers, keypads etc.

More advanced access management​

This state of the art protection system lets you adjust access rights to the whole building or to individual offices.​ ​

Access hierarchy

You can prioritize members of your company according to security levels, and decide whether or not to authorize access to certain areas by distributing badges, mobile badges or access codes. Without these, it’s impossible to enter the building, making it a veritable fortress.

Access by time slot

Create specific access times. You can restrict access to one or more areas of your site according to the times you schedule in your personal area. You can modify these time slots remotely, at any time.

Reinforced double control

It is possible to couple identification media with a badge plus a four or six-digit code to secure important locations such as server rooms, safe rooms… Thanks to The smartphone biometric authentication, badges on smartphones also allow to create double authentication.

Multi-site management

Access control systems installed by STORI can manage multi-site access to optimize badge count between your company’s different sites. Centralized management will also save you time and money.

Enhanced security for members and property

Your customers will trust you, because they’ll see that your offices are very well secured. This will also be important for your colleagues and employees, who will feel protected in the workplace.

Excellent value for money

STORI’s access control systems offer excellent value for money. We install and maintain these technological security systems.

Easily control every door!

Switch to the cloud for your access control system!

Choose our cloud-based access control solutions and enjoy optimum security. Increasingly in demand, this SaaS device (Security as a Service), is extremely easy to use and offers numerous advantages such as:


  • A unified database for all your sites​
  • No need to maintain and update a local server
  • A web interface with an optimized user experience​
  • Accessible from any location